The Fisherman found out that we sold Crickets in the Pet Shop year around to feed the Reptile’s, Scorpion’s Etc.  They would come in and buy us out week after week. On March 1st, 1995, the Bait Shop was open. At that time, it was in the small red building next to the Pet Shop.  We sold live Bait and very little Tackle.  The Pet Shop was the main business at that time. as the years went by the Bait Shop was doing better than the Pet Shop.  So, In May of 2000 we decided to sell out the Pet Shop. We needed the space to expand.   we moved the Bait Shop into the old Pet Shop.  From there we expanded our inventory to include lots of new Tackle and Block Ice.  the Block Ice gave us the idea to sell Snow Cones. So, on June 6 of 2000 we opened the Snow Cone window.  from there things took off. we continue to add new inventory as the years go by.  

and then 2020 happened. march of 2020 we were told to shut down or find an alternative way to serve your customers.  we have a snow cone window that works great with no one coming inside. we made a proposal to the city for the same setup different window, and they said that would work. we went to work to make it happen. we did have to reduce our inventory by 60% to make it all workable from a customer standpoint.  we still carry all the same live bait and the basic tackle that's required for this area.  for the customer drive up to the front and just walk up to the bait window and ring the bell.  it has been almost a year later, and we think our customers appreciate the effort for them and the community at large.  



     We are in the central part of the city. This makes it convenient to access many lakes, Rivers, Streams and Bayous.  We offer Oxygen Bags for long trips to ensure your Shiners stay healthy and lively for the big ones.  From March thru mid-September, we carry Crickets for all the good Bream in this area.  And of course, we sell red worms and night crawlers. "Remember our bait is guaranteed to catch fish or die trying "